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Google has failed me.

So, about two weeks ago I was catching up on The Order of the Stick webcomic, or maybe I was doing some other kind of websurfing, and I read somebody's blog entry about other comics they enjoyed, or maybe it was a Wikipedia entry; but anyway, I found myself reading a strip that was (at least partially) about the publishing industry. In particular, there was a short segment about somebody who wrote book reviews coming down with some sickness or other, and spending time in bed, while outside his door, the mound of Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) was rapidly piling up.

I happened to mention this in the Seattle Book Company's recent board meeting, because it's really quite relevant to our new netGalley service (as seen in this week's Publisher's Weekly, thank you!) Now the company president would like to see it himself, possibly to use it in our promotional material.

I have absolutely no idea where I found it. I haven't been able to retrace my steps, to get Google to find it for me, nor to stumble across it. I'm mystified.

Curse you Google. Now i have to find it the really old-fashioned way, by asking other people if this rings a bell. So retro!!
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