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A new kind of city rudeness.

A bit of background is required before telling this story.

Once my husband's lease was up on his RAV4, we were down to one trustworthy car. Various mechanics had failed to get the fuel feed on my Packard to work correctly, and I hadn't tried working on it in a while anyway, so it was sort of an emergency-only situation. The parts Packard ran well enough, mostly, but it was parked in front of the 'nice' Packard and thus trapped. But having one car was often somewhat inconvenient. We needed a second vehicle of some kind. We talked about options like a Vespa-like scooter, getting the Packard back to full operating condition, and picking up some beater somewhere. We definitely didn't want to spend much on whatever we did.

When an unexpected opportunity came along to purchase an '85 Corolla for just a few hundred dollars, we took it. The Corolla (now dubbed "Scooty-Puff Jr." from an episode of Futurama) looks astonishingly hammered, but has been running quite well, so it's been a lovely "car number two." We park it on the street in front of the house (the Jeep goes in back under the car port), and haven't been terribly paranoid about keeping it locked up, even though somebody stole a bunch of the spouse's good fabric grocery bags out of it when he left them there one night. We don't leave any thing in it, but haven't been making sure every door's locked every time or anything.

Well, that has now changed. A few days ago, he and I both (on separate occasions) noticed the unusual new smell in the car. It was when we were together that we discovered the cell phone charger usually plugged into the lighter socket was missing. The cigarette butts on the floor beneath the driver's seat just confirmed the scenario we'd already pieced together.

Somebody decided to use our car as a place to smoke their cigarettes. They took out the cell phone charger so they could use the lighter to light their smoke, and either kept the charger or threw it away. The butts (smashed flat) were left in the car. Because the butts were different, I'm inclined to suspect it was actually two different people smoking in the car, but I don't know for sure.

I'm just sort of stunned by the remarkable callousness. It's not a crime of desperation or drugs; they didn't really steal anything (what the hell are they going to do with a cell phone charger for Motorola phones? They obviously just needed the socket for the lighter, but couldn't be bothered to leave the charger behind??), they just had such a total lack of respect for our car and its owners that they stank it up, and didn't even throw the butts on the ground outside.

Amazing. And really really sad.
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