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Witchdoctor Robodialers

 "TV Research Company's" robot randomly called me to ask me some health care questions. "It will only take two minutes of your time." Sigh. Oh, very well.
"What's important to me in selecting a health care provider? " and a few other general questions. Then up pops "Are you aware that many insurance providers cover natural medicine? 1: Yes, 2: No."  

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I was. 
A few more questions about natural medicine followed, including "Have you ever been treated using natural medicine?", and "Which of the following forms of natural medicine are most appealing to you?"
1. acupuncture
2. naturopathic medicine
2. nutritional counseling
3. psychological treatment
"What would motivate you to try natural medicine?"
1. Less Prescription Drugs
2. Frustrated with your regular doctor
3. Covered by insurance
4. Other. 
"How far would you be willing to drive for nat. med. services?"
"Are you familiar with Bastyr's Clinic in Freemont?"
"Where've you seen info about it?"
Television, Radio, Newspaper, Internet, Web Ads, Buses, et cetera.
"Ever been to the clinic?"
"Would I recommend it to other people?"

Y'know, I might indeed recommend it. I know that Bastyr university students make up part of the staff there, and I tend to be of the opinion that the N.D. candidates at least are getting a pretty good education. Probably all of them are, but my favorite instructor is mostly teaching classes for the N.D. students. {wink}

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