snarke (snarke) wrote,

Best. WorldCon. Ever!

Holy Cow and Great Googlimoogli. After the preposterous stomach-turning stress trying to get Anticipation's Hugo Bases done in time for the convention two weeks ago (more on that some other time), the reaction has been completely overwhelming. Four (four!!!!) Hugo recipients included a comment about the design of their new award in their acceptance speeches. Frank Wu (Best Fan Artist) was in the middle of a sentence when his eyes dropped down to the trophy in his hands, and it completely derailed his train of thought. "This thing is gorgeous!"

Eight people have said to me that they think this year's base is the best one ever. I've heard the words "gorgeous" and "subtle" more times than I can count. There's been a crowd around the exhibition Hugo all day today, and it's Monday, when a lot of people have already left. One friend of mine said "Congratulations on being sort of the surprise winner at this year's Hugos." Somebody online posted that this year's base is "amazing."

The nominees got to see it before we headed downstairs for the ceremony itself, and two of them told me that they hadn't really been hoping to win until they saw what the award looked like this year.

"So how do you feel?"

"Like a just-opened bottle of champagne."
Tags: anticipation, hugo award, worldcon
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