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If Time is Nature's way to keep everything from happening at once, how come it seems like everything always happens at once?


So, anyway, I've been singing with a new choir for almost exactly one year now, the fairly unique vocal jazz ensemble BlueStreet Jazz Voices. This is the fifth choir/vocal ensemble I've sung with since I came to Seattle, and the first one where I really have to scramble in order to stay on top of the music. It's huge in terms of a vocal jazz group, but fairly small as choirs in general go: about 20-22 people. I'm not sure what our current count is, but it's about that. Twenty-four is about the maximum for hard-core vocal jazz. Beyond that, the group just can't be nimble enough to pull off the precision rhythmic maneuvering and tight tuning that the edgy harmonies require.

BlueStreet is full of talented people, and we've got a great director, Ken Wilson. His experience with choir directing and vocal and instrumental jazz are reflected in the choir. It's really exciting to be learning so much about singing, and jazz. Another thing I love about this choir is that we're not singing overly-cerebral material. Most (all?) of it is based on songs that were popular hits at some point in history, and since we sing without the aid of sheet music, it's much easier to put the kind of energy and eye contact into the performance that really makes it fun for an audience.

In fact, I'm so sure you'll have a great time if you come to one of our concerts, that I'm willing to give you a full refund of your ticket if you come to the next concert and don't enjoy it.

Hmm. Maybe it's a good thing that I haven't actually provided you with all that much advance warning of our next concert. No, nonsense! Everybody will have a good time, even if we weren't serving an extravagant Chocolate Buffet at intermission!

That's this coming Saturday evening, 8pm, in North Seattle.
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